Training Content

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Monika and Martha teach together when their travel and clinical schedules allow so.

The workshop contains theoretical parts including PowerPoint presentations with time for questions and discussion. Video Presentations, Life Demos, and Practicums enhance theoretical work.

First Day 

The attitude of the therapist and therapeutic access

  Attitude,  challenges,  adaptations

BSP setup possibilities with kids and adolescents

     how we use the setup e.g.Creativity, Double Effect, 

Second Day

Uncertainty and the dual attunement frame of relation and with kids and adolescents

     Uncertainty, Relational attunement and Neurobiology, Research,

     and developmental states.


      Adults included in therapy, Community Settings for Brainspotting „Frame in Frame“ 

Third Day

Deepen Parts work

 Parts work with kids and adolescents, confrontation with the  trauma, the child in me

Some personal Feedback of participants, who allowed to public

them here: 

Good morning Monika !!

Thank you very much. I love to share with you that it was a unique learning experience and a milestone in my professional life.

I am grateful that this great possibility has been generated to share with you your experiences and practices in a DOING that comes from a BEING a Brainspotting therapist!

Thank you very much for the generosity in your sharing!

Hug from Argentina,



Thank you very much Monika, for your generosity in transmitting your knowledge and for your enormous kindness. I really didn't want to disconnect the zoom! I would have stayed there for more days. A pleasure!!


... «Brainspotting never ceases to amaze me, it is a sea without shores» ...

Comments like this one have continued to multiply over the weekend, three wonderful days of training in "Brainspotting with Children and Adolescents" under the guidance of Monika Baumann and her great assitants.

Each demonstration has touched us and healed us; each practice has allowed us to continue enriching our therapeutic skills; and Monika's endless generosity in responding to continuous questions, comments and interventions has enriched us beyond belief.

I dare say that all the participants have left with a renewed commitment to continue expanding the knowledge and application of this extremely powerful tool that David Grand has delivered to the world!

I recommend this training 100%, even for therapists who do not work directly with children or adolescents, because ... what adult is not a child or an adolescent inside to discover, heal or rescue?

My name is Montserrat Tubau (@brainspottingbarcelona), do not hesitate to contact me for any information you need.

One minute feedback from a child: