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Contents of a two day seminar

The workshop contains theoretical parts including Power Point presentations with time for questions and discussion. Video Presentations, Life Demos and Practicums enhance the theoretical work.


The following topics are covered: 

  •   Attitude of the therapist

  •   Therapeutic Access / Scope of the work

  •   Developmental issues, challenges, adaptations

  •   The Double Effect - one special way of working with kids

  •   Uncertainty & the DAF

  •   Settingpossibilities e.g: „Frame in Frame“ 

  •   Developmental Age /  „Lines of Development“  (A. Freud)

  •   Symptoms & BSP strategies

  •   Creativity 

  •   Children & child parts of teens & adults

  •   Community Settings for Brainspotting

  •   Children & „Existential Trauma“ (Grand)