Training Content

Monika and Martha teach together when their travel and clinical schedules allow so.

The workshop contains theoretical parts including PowerPoint presentations with time for questions and discussion. Video Presentations, Life Demos, and Practicums enhance theoretical work.

First Day 

The attitude of the therapist and therapeutic access

  Attitude,  challenges,  adaptations

BSP setup possibilities with kids and adolescents

     how we use the setup e.g.Creativity, Double Effect, 

Second Day

Uncertainty and the dual attunement frame of relation and with kids and adolescents

     Uncertainty, Relational attunement, and Neurobiology, Research,

     Lines of Development (A. Freud) as age and developmental states


      Adults included in therapy, Community Settings for Brainspotting „Frame in Frame“ 

Third Day

Deepen Parts work

 Parts work with kids and adolescents, confrontation with the  trauma, the child in me

                       One minute feedback from a child