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Collection "Corner" 

3 speech bubbles in turqoise, in them the text: tools, ideas, engaging practices

The idea of this so-called corner is aiming at "What drives your flow? What are your major practices? Picture something engaging in the Brainspotting work with the young ones!”

This dedicated space will grow and become a space for you to find new ideas, input, and tools hopefully be helpful for your Brainspotting work with Babies, Children, and Adolescents. 

Peanut Therapy Ball 

Kristy Snedden

In the picture, Kristy shows you a tool she uses to help her clients. This is a therapy peanut ball and can be used in many creative ways. Kristy often uses it with children who are stuck in a “fight” pattern due to unresolved trauma. The child is on the mini-trampoline and directs Kristy, telling her where to hold the ball (brainspot) and whether to move closer or further away (proximity/ Z-axis) while the child punches the peanut. This provides a physically safe and stable way for children to process the “fight” response and supports the therapist staying in the tail of the comet.


Here is a link to the product in the picture. The 70 cm peanut works best for this purpose.


Peanut Therapy Ball_Kristy Snedden.png
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